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Reverb14: Generosity

I can’t reiterate enough how beautiful Reverb14 is. This has been quite a hectic time for me and my husband, so this kind of gentle reflecting is just the thing to do after a fast paced day. Today’s Reverb prompt was written by  Kira Elliott a writer and artist.

I am not going to lie, I often dread the holidays because I grew with the holidays laden with heavy expectations of giving. The gifts wrapped in bright colored paper sitting under a tree sparkling with multi colored light were tied tight with invisible cords of what I was suppose to be or do that made it almost impossible to enjoy the gifts.

Now as an adult I strive understand there is a difference between generosity and giving. Generosity is free of obligations; it opens the heart, and creates warmth and connection between the giver and receiver. When I cultivate generosity the holidays become something I look forward to sharing with my loved ones.

Look back at the last year and consider: how did generosity open your heart? How can you cultivate generosity in the coming year?

This year, I experienced a lot of generosity from the receiving end. I will admit, sometimes it is difficult for me to receive generosity, though I have no issues giving it. This year, though, I was touched by the generosity of my family and friends. Me and my husband moved to Texas and we had so much support from crashing on the couches of loved ones to monetary gifts to check ins while we were on the road. I was really overwhelmed with just how much support and how many people cared about me and my husband’s journey.

Those acts of kindness and generosity opened my heart in so many ways. It caused me to take a deeper dive into giving and how to do it from a place of intention and grace rather than mindlessly. Over the past few weeks I have had to wait for my husband to get off of work way after the time he gave me. THis wasn’t his doing, but the nature of the work that he does and of us using one car at the moment.  I opened my heart and become so patient and really generous with my time. When he comes to the car and I am content, smiling, and patient after having waited for long stretches of time, it has touched him. I am finding how heartfelt generosity is everywhere.

For 2015, I want to continue thinking about generosity as more than material things as I have sometimes attached it. I can be generous in spirit. I can be generous with my time. I can see the whole world as one generous, loving sphere and give that energy each day in the new year.




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