Spinning: A Poem by Paula Mcintosh





I could not find my up from my down
I was spinning round, and round, and round
I felt all was lost
I had terrible thoughts
I wanted it to end then hoping it would begin
I wanted to find my soul
Who was I?
What was I?
Why was I?
So lost
A tidal wave of fear
A tsunami of tears
I had to reach deep inside of me
If I was ever going to be
But then I gave up the fight
Because the light of the Lord begin to shine
He knew it was a matter of time
Before I release all control
And let him restore my soul
Now I know
Who am I
What am I
And Why
I am God’s
Beloved Child

-Paula Mcintosh ©2014

Paula Mcintosh is an inspirational poet and writer.  Follow her encouraging posts over on Twitter (@MsPassionLL)


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. Please spread the word about this poem because in this day and age we need as much inspiration and motivation to look to a higher power.

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