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Reverb14: Beyond Perfection

I am absolutely loving the Reverb14 posts thus far!  Here’s is Day 3’s prompt from Kat McNally:

It’s all too easy to put off loving where we are until everything is perfect. What can you love about where you are now?

Kat must have been peering into my life when she wrote this prompt! The past few months have pushed me to love where I am now, especially as it relates to my writing and my entrepreneur goals. I often feel that I should be “further” ahead, but you know what? I get to define further along and honestly, I am much further along within myself than I have ever been.

I feel that I am tapping into my creativity and intuition, trusting my inner wisdom, and accepting the flow of life in a much more open way. I am more in tune with what is wanting to come forth through my writing and through my life. I am in joy with my vision and on am mission to serve with my gifts. Now all of this inner self work may not be seen in the physical or with metrics (ie number of blog subscribers, amount of money in bank, goals checked off a list) quite yet, but it is so necessary to my evolution, a process that moves me and makes me all that I am. As I put myself out there (my words, my business, my work),  I feel more connected to my heart and soul.

And let me tell you, I absolutely love being here right now with me, with you, and with life in this way.






6 thoughts on “Reverb14: Beyond Perfection”

  1. Ohhhh! I know that feeling well (the one where I wonder why I am not as “far along” as I “should be”). Gah! Comparison sucks.
    You’re totally right. We’re making brilliant progress by our own measures. Let’s focus on THAT! xx

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