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Spinning: A Poem by Paula Mcintosh





I could not find my up from my down
I was spinning round, and round, and round
I felt all was lost
I had terrible thoughts
I wanted it to end then hoping it would begin
I wanted to find my soul
Who was I?
What was I?
Why was I?
So lost
A tidal wave of fear
A tsunami of tears
I had to reach deep inside of me
If I was ever going to be
But then I gave up the fight
Because the light of the Lord begin to shine
He knew it was a matter of time
Before I release all control
And let him restore my soul
Now I know
Who am I
What am I
And Why
I am God’s
Beloved Child

-Paula Mcintosh ©2014

Paula Mcintosh is an inspirational poet and writer.  Follow her encouraging posts over on Twitter (@MsPassionLL)

2 thoughts on “Spinning: A Poem by Paula Mcintosh”

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. Please spread the word about this poem because in this day and age we need as much inspiration and motivation to look to a higher power.

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