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The Winding Journey- My 100th Post



This is my 100th post on Vulnerability is Sexy!

This is a huge deal because in the past I have had difficulty sticking with things especially my writing.  I actually stopped writing on this blog for a about a year ago, finding myself in the same pattern again. I ended up taking a course about stepping into your starring role, and saw how my inconsistency was simply my fear manifesting. I was scared to write, scared to share, scared that my creativity would run out.

Last October, I committed to writing every single week no matter what. And you know what happened? The writing came. The words flowed. Even sometimes with literally only 10 minutes, the stories rose to the surface. The wisdom, the creativity, the light, and the love.

To be here in this moment, I celebrate sticking with it. I celebrate vulnerability. And I celebrate you for reading and supporting my work.

My journey continues to unfold in the most mysterious, messy, and beautiful ways.  I am seeing how those jagged parts, those odd shaped pieces are starting to come together to create a wonderful puzzle.

May you continue to put together your life puzzle and be amazing at the clarity that begins to happen with your willingness to Be Yourself. No Apology. Right Now.

Stay tuned for some exciting updates that will be happening to Vulnerability is Sexy in the next month!





2 thoughts on “The Winding Journey- My 100th Post”

  1. Kandice,
    Congratulations on your 100th post! Vulnerability is Sexy is one of my FAVORITE sites. Thank YOU for sticking with it and sharing of yourself and your journey.

    1. Thank you so much Tammie! You don’t understand how much that means to me. Glad to be writing and here is to 100 more posts 🙂

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