Everyday Extraordinary

Fixing the Leak

There was a large pool of water on the floor in my apartment, signalling me to call maintenance. In a few seconds, the maintenance engineer idefnitied our shower head as the source of the leak. Turns out lots of water had been leaking while we took showers. This was also why our water pressure had been so low. Funny thing I had complained about the low water pressure but never did anything about it. Just accepted it. If we hadn’t found that pool of water, we may have had a much more horrible problem (ie serious mold).  We fixed the link and now the shower pressure is optimal. So much to be learned from this everyday extraordinary moment:

A small leak can cause big issues. Thing is the leak was easy to fix, the maintenance man did it in like 2 minutes. If you don’t deal with the small leaks in your life (ie a constant though pattern, a person who drains you, not honoring your time ) it is going to leave a myriad of issues in its aftermath.

The small leak is totally fixable. Simple shift. Simple action. Saying no. Saying yes. Showing up. Sending that email. Taking a breath. Change in thought.

Discomfort shows up to get us to fix the leak. If we hadn’t had this large puddle of water we would have stayed content with the water pressure and not dealt with the issue.

Sometimes we get content with a weak flow. We dim our light. We hold back ourselves in some way and get used to things being like that until it gets too uncomfortable.

When you stop the leak, things flow so much better. Just like our showerhead now flows strong, so will whatever you are doing. Take action and then things start happening quicker. You show up more vibrant and create more goodness in your life

Take some time and think about what is my small leak? Then shift it now.

Here is to learning from the leaks and embracing our power.


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