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Vulnerability and Writing: Noticing


I love learning about wine. I think it is fascinating how many varieties, regions, and nuances exist. It’s amazing to see a sommelier analyze a wine and pick up on so many subtle hints of flavor. I remember watching a documentary about people who were training to be master sommeliers. They talked about how important it was to expand your sense of smell. One gentleman said that he went to farmer’s market regularly to sniff different fruits,vegetables, and flowers. His was literally able to smell the difference between fresh violets and decaying ones.

I want to have this sense of expansive noticing in my own life. I want to notice those subtle undertones that are always pulsing. Many times the beauty of our lives is not in  flashing lights, our  “big” accomplishments, or huge momentous occasions. Many times the beauty of life is much more subtle than that. Sometimes you have to really stop and take note of it for a minute. It could be in taking a deliciously long breath, watching a baby sleep, taking an amazing nap, or simply making dinner.

I want to do more noticing while I am doing. I think we have the doing thing figured out. We can take steps, make progress, hit our goals, and move forward. Now its time to add this new layer of deeper noticing and awareness.  Noticing the small triumphs. Noticing the subtle beauty. Noticing the shifts that we are making. Noticing where we can shift and grow some more.

It’s about listening with our entire body and with all of our senses. From that deep noticing will come inspired, light movement in our lives.

What subtle beauty are you noticing in your life?





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