Personal Development


My apartment looks like a tornado hit it , my car got broken into last night, and I have to go out of town for work in the midst of all the moving madness. Lots of things ending before me and my husband start our new life in a new city in a little under 3 weeks. Usually this would have made me stressed to the max so much so that I would have gotten sick or over exhausted myself.

Well, it is a stressful time but there is a lot more peace in the midst of it all. I am learning and embracing the fact that chaos is a beautiful song. Upheaval has a sweet melody if I listen. Shaking and moving of the earth is a glorious rhythm. It’s a rhythm I can dance to and embrace fully. A place where I don’t fight this pulsing, beating, and rapid movement. Rather, I stomp my feet with it and flow inside the hurricane.

I know on the other side of this is a cool down. A calm space where the winds stop blowing. And I believe that accepting that this process requires times of winding, messy, chaos actually creates more peace in the midst of the hectic pace.

Life moves quickly at times and it feels like we can barely keep up, but there is a flow if we surrender to this movement of the song called life.



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