Personal Development

Vulnerability & Writing: Unwire the Worry

I woke  this morning and my mind was racing. Me and my husband move to Texas in less than five weeks. I am diligently working on an upcoming conference that is happening for my job.  My husband is working and has a busy schedule. Yes, there is lots to worry about, but at 6am it was time to unwire from that worry.

I appreciate the brain. It helps us remember things, protects us from danger, processes an overload of information that we encounter every second of every day, and keeps life moving along. Sometimes, though, it gets tired. It needs direction. It can only go off fact not faith.

While my brain was racing, I checked in with my spirit. I realized that I felt peace there. I know that while this is a hectic time, we will get through it. I remembered that I have so much to be grateful for. Most of all I realized that lots of things that I worry about are beyond my control especially at 6am!  It’s minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day  with staying present. I focused on that for a few minutes and took some deep breaths. About 15 minutes later, my brain was calm too. It apparently needed a rest. I was about to sleep for a bit more and it was much needed.

Unwire from the worry. It doesn’t mean that responsibilities go away.  Rather it offers you a peaceful and more easef-ul way to navigate them.  Let’s all do something today to let go of the worry and find rest in our spirits.

How can you unwire the worry today?



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