Personal Development

Vulnerability & Writing: Let it Be Easy

When I was about six years old,my parents signed me and my younger brother up for swimming lessons. My brother took to the water easily, quickly learning how to float and swim in the deep end. This was not the case for me. I remember the swim instructor telling me that I had to learn to relax before I could learn to float on my back. He told me not to worry about the depth and just allow the water to carry me.

One day in class while I was floating on my back and holding on to the instructor’s arm, he gently said that he would let go. He took his hands off of my back. Before I could even allow myself to float, I started flailing my arms and legs which of course caused me to go under water for a brief second. The instructor reached for me as I cried and held on to his arm again for dear life.

Since then, I have learned how to float in water, but its amazing how in life I still flail about and wonder why things aren’t flowing. Learning to flow with life is about letting it be easy. About realizing that struggle and hard work are two different things. That worry and challenge are two different things. And that ease and lazy are two very different things.

The more we trust life, the more we float and experience  all the it has for us. Life wants wants to hold us up. It wants to provide for our highest existence and good. We flail about thinking that we have to do it all on our own and get exhausted in the struggle of trying to make it happen, rather than being and allowing it to happen.

Let’s learn the art of floating. Lets flow in our highest selves with ease.

How can you let it be easy? 



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