Personal Development

Vulnerability and Writing: Letting Go

The process of letting go can be simultaneously liberating and painful at the same time.  It is liberating to let go of something that you have held on to for so long especially if it has been limiting your progress. It can be painful because it is a separation and grieving comes with the loss of something that you have known for so long.

 Letting go is a beautiful process. One that unravels in its own way. A process that can be eye opening and even more liberating. Letting go is not a one time event. Its a constant awareness and a constant act of trust.

That is exactly where I find myself today. In the coming weeks, I will be embarking on a new journey in my life with my husband as we make some moves both physically and metaphorically. It has meant letting go of certain beliefs and patterns of thinking. It has also meant letting go of certain ways of being in relationships with people.  Letting go of knowing everything and having it all figured out.

The more I loosen my grasp, the more that life can flow. When life flows, the outcome is nothing short of amazing.

Your turn:

What are you starting to let go of?

Here’s to letting go and opening up to life.


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