Personal Development

New Month, New Beginnings

It’s spring and things are blooming around us. The weather is getting warmer. The flowers are starting to bloom

Vulnerability is Sexy is also blooming and I want to tell you all about it.

Today, I am over at Kind Over Matter posting in the Kind Kindred Series.



Here is a snippet:

“The world is such a kind place if we let the kindness in. When it comes to receiving compliments, we can be unkind to ourselves by not fully accepting the compliment of another. I think i’ts time for us to start joyfully accepting compliments, those fleeting moments of kindness, that people offer us each day.”

To read the post and get more kind goodness visit the KOM site.  Leave a comment or two and say hi if you can!


Also, another aspect of Vulnerability is Sexy is blooming. I have decided to share my journey in a more intimate way with people who are longing to not just live the life they want but also to be more reflective on the journey.

I am now offering one on one sessions where you + me have space to let whatever needs to be, be. A place to wade deeper in possibility. A place to realize your heart truly desires.

If that sounds like you check out the Work with Me Page to find out more. I would be honored to work with you as you explore and unfold.

Here’s to vulnerable, soul-stirring, more joyful living.



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