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Living in the Flow

When we surrender, life begins to flow. It is harmonious. It’s full of ease. It’s constant.

We know we are in the flow because we are no longer are trying to figure out what to be or do. It’s simply being and doing.

Flow is a new state of being. It is a different orientation. It  can seem overwhelming at times as we move through life attracting so much abundance, peace, clarity, and goodness with far less effort and stress.

Keep flowing. Even when a part of you fears this new orientation, keep flowing. Even when you can’t fully control it, keep flowing. Even when a part of you wants to keep it held in because its new and unknown.

Keep allowing things to unfold . Keep doing the self work as things come up to clear out.

Keep being surprised at how much life wants to perpetuate more magnificent, fully expressed living through you.

Living a life fulfilled is your birthright. Own that thought and belief more than you own struggle,lack, and any other limiting feeling.

Flow with life. Let go struggle. Be Amazing.



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1 thought on “Living in the Flow”

  1. Yes!!!! Living in the Flow (Life Pointer). It is so true that acceptance is the secret to frictionless living. Being in this state of acceptance is what invites good things in our experience.

    Thank you.

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