Personal Development

Time to Move

My parents used to always tell me that there was a time for everything and that one had to be discerning when taking action.

Sometimes, life calls for reflection, for quiet time to listen to the whispers of your desires. A time to set intentions and savor deep, long, delicious breaths.

Other times, as I am feeling right now in my own experience, life compels us to move.

To shake off indifference, stretch beyond complacency, and dance wildly in our truth.

Movement is what keeps the world alive as we revolve, rotate, and shift around the sun. It stirs up that which is dormant and needs to be awakened.

When its time to move: do it and start. One step at a time.

Move your body. Move your thoughts. Move your deepest desires forward.

Make the first move and watch the universe show up in ways you couldn’t have even imagined.





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