Personal Development

Expecting Something New

I went to a cafe and ordered the chicken sandwich on the menu. After 10 minutes, the waitress brought the sandwich to my table. I picked it up and noticed that it  resembled more of a chicken salad, rather than a chicken breast that I was expecting.

I can be a pretty picky eater, but I decided to try something new instead of asking for a different sandwich. I didn’t have any aversion to the chicken salad, it just wasn’t what I had expected. The sandwich turned out to be really, really delicious, way better than the plain chicken sandwich I had been envisioning.

Sometimes when we set strong intentions, we visualize our desires in extremely specific ways or from a very limited view. We can fixate so much on how (how will it happen? how it will work out? how it will be prepared?) that we are caught off guard when we get something way beyond what we had thought up. When we get something with lots of ease when we had expected more struggle. I had an idea in my mind of how chicken was supposed to be prepared but got the gift of something that truly excited my taste buds.

Expect something new today. Rather than take a limited view, take a limitless view on how life can unfold. After all, that is the truth of the matter anyway.

When have you gotten what you wanted in an unexpected way?





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