Personal Development

Leaping and Taking Steps.

Take the leap.

This metaphor often comes up when we are describing our lives and reaching our desires and goals. Taking leap of faith, being suspended in the air,and surrendering to life’s mystery.

Sometimes taking the next step feels like that and sometimes it doesn’t.

Many times that leap is really a step onto different ground. Like going from rocks to mud. Or concrete to water. Its about getting oriented to a different terrain. Allowing our bodies to open up to being here in a different way.  How I move on solid ground is much different than how I move in water. Both present challenges and both present opportunities for me to be grounded.

Honestly, the leap into midair can seem daunting and frightening. The jumping off into the unknown without a safety net seems impossible because we want to be safe. And its ok to want to feel safe. Life is our safety net. Love is our safety net so we never jump alone or without something holding us through various phases of our journey.

Sometimes big leaps are a bunch of baby steps onto a new terrain, a new domain, a new awareness.  Its about exploring this newness with the attentiveness of a child rather than trying to whiz by to something else. Taking it into all of our senses and not fearing the new sensations that we feel in our bodies and spirits.

And this is life. This is evolution. Not something we have to force. Yes it will be scary and fear will come up, but this time of renewal is so beautiful when we focus on the brilliance of growth.

May we embrace love and ease as we move through growing pains and step into our destiny.



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