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Forward: Reverb 13, Day 20

Forward is the only direction.

The mirror never lies, but everything in it is backwards. 

Look at what you see in the mirror. How does it change if you view yourself with eyes that can only look forward?

I see a woman ready to take more leaps, scared a bit, but a twinkle in her eye. I see years of learning and growth that have brought her to this moment , which will bring her to more moments of realization and actualization.

I see a woman who has grown comfortable in her own skin. Who has fully accepted and embraced her body- her beautiful brown skin, the curves, the natural hair. Taking it all in and loving that which makes her unique.

I see a woman standing taller, feet planted with glimmers of light in her eyes.

I see me. In this mirror simply being:  Vulnerable. Ready. Accepting. Unapologetic. Free.




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