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Open to the Possibilities: Reverb13, Day 14

Reverb13, Day 14 Prompt

What was the best decision you made in 2013? What were the results? How will you continue the good work in 2014?

The best decision I made was to move into a 325 sq foot studio with my husband. I was nervous at first because I wasn’t sure we could get rid of so much stuff or deal with each other in that small space, but the results were worth the initial doubt. What resulted was that me and my husband rid ourselves of a lot of physical clutter, but also of emotional clutter as well. I was able to do more things that I wanted because of the money that was saved. We took more road trips, went to concerts, and other great things. And now that I think about it, it really brought me and my husband together in a deeper way too. You can’t run away from someone in that small of a space and have to deal with issues head on. I came to a realization about what really matters in life and the  grand scheme of things.

In 2014, I’m not sure if we will stay in this space once our lease ends, but I will continue in this spirit and continue to take risks so that I can do more of what I want in life. I will keep looking at things from a different perspective and staying open to all of the possibilities.





4 thoughts on “Open to the Possibilities: Reverb13, Day 14”

  1. What a lovely adventure you have had this year! I am glad that it has been so joyful for you! I would love to get rid of clutter…I need to get rid of clutter. What you wrote about is so inspirational. I like how moving to a smaller physical space enlarged what is important in life! Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much reading! I will tell you this ridding clutter is an ongoing thing. I find myself needing to do it again before the end of the year! It’s all about baby steps with the getting rid of clutter 🙂

  2. My husband and I talk all the time about reducing clutter. I’d love a smaller space, but I’m not ready for it. I admire those who are! Congratulations on making the decisions that work for you!

    1. Thanks Jen! It was a scary leap for us and it took years for us to get some of the clutter gone, so I totally understand where you are coming from! Thanks for reading 🙂

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