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Owning It and Feeling IT: Reverb13, Day 8

Reverb13, Day 8 Prompt:

What went right in 2013?

Maybe you didn’t quit smoking or lose those pounds or go to Paris, but something did work, did happen, and/or was realized. What was it?

This year I realized deep down in my bones, that I could choose how I wanted to feel and choose what I wanted experience. I grounded myself in the truth that I could do exactly what I wanted if I decided. That will translate into more action in 2014, but that knowing was realized in a way that I hadn’t understood it in prior years.

This year I finished my novel manuscript and pitched it to 3 literary agents. I stuck with that process for over a year and still continue to stick with the process of getting my book published.

At the end of this year, I finally owned that I am indeed a writer, storyteller, and speaker and that I want to write and speak full time by the end of 2014. I have started taking the steps to make the transition happen. I will also be launching a new product in January 2014 (stay tuned for details next week!). Boldly making that none was a huge step.

This year it was a lot of aha moments, a lot of trusting myself and my inner voice in a deeper way. And that is something quite amazing now that I think about it.




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