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A Few Tips to Getting Started on a Novel

A year ago, I had a blank page. Today, I am in a 2nd round of revising my 60,000 word novel Dreaming Sisters. Here’s my timeline:

June -September: Did 12 week program Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron, did more painting, dancing, and went trampolining

September -October: Scribbled down a few ideas and conceptualized a musical called “Dreaming Sisters”

November 2012: Completed NanowriMo producing a 50,000 word rough draft of novel Dreaming Sisters

November-December: Re-read parts of rough draft, started playing flute, went to Sweat your prayers

January 2013-Had a published author read a few chapters of my book and received some great feedback

Feb. 2013-present: edit one chapter a day (4-5 times per week)

If you have a book in you, it can most definitely be written. Here are a few steps in my process that helped me out tremendously:

1. Spend some time unleashing your creativity in general (and possibly unrelated to writing). I found that when I did more things that allowed me to express my creativity, it yielded much more in coming up with ideas for my writing. Inspired, creative living makes for inspired writing. I highly recommend reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

2. Find some built in accountability. Enter a contest like NaNoWriMo. Join a local writer’s circle. Get a writing buddy.

3. Write every day no matter how much or little the time. After taking a 2 month hiatus from writing, it was hard. Spending 10 minutes writing helped boost my confidence and get me back into the groove of things.

4. Affirm what you want. On the front of my manuscript is written #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. It keeps me motivated. I am always telling my husband how I can’t wait to be in Oprah’s book club. Eye on the prize.

5. Keep writing. Editing and revising are not my favorite thing but when I do a little bit here and a little bit there, it keeps adding up.

Write. Share. Create. Repeat.




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