Cultivate14, Personal Development

Honoring Time: Cultivate14, Day 5

Cultivate14, Day 5 Prompt: Teresa Deak asks us to question our procrastination habits: time drips her precious moments without fail without reprieve we try to capture her to guide to control but her wild nature will not be tamed and this world we have created with deadlines and obligations crashes upon our shores insistently submerging… Continue reading Honoring Time: Cultivate14, Day 5

Cultivate14, Personal Development

Letting Loose: Cultivate14, Day 4

Cultivate14, Day 4 Prompt: Our bodies are vast machines for storing: memories, toxins, dreams. What physical rhythms will you follow to loosen your scar tissue, heal old wounds, and stimulate the birth of new cells? Sometimes we literally have to move our bodies for other things in our lives to move whether it be something… Continue reading Letting Loose: Cultivate14, Day 4

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Expectations and the Unknown: Cultivate14, Day 3

Day 3 Prompt: Unintended Consequences: Sometimes the choices we make have consequences we don't expect or that run counter to expectations. Do you consider these when looking at your options and if not, how do you deal with the fallout?I love to have things planned and figured out . I used to try to stay… Continue reading Expectations and the Unknown: Cultivate14, Day 3