Honoring Time: Cultivate14, Day 5

Cultivate14, Day 5 Prompt:

Teresa Deak asks us to question our procrastination habits:

drips her precious moments
without fail

without reprieve

we try to
capture her
to guide
to control

but her wild
will not be tamed

and this world
we have created
with deadlines
and obligations

crashes upon our shores
insistently submerging
the peace of our hearts

breathe deeply
the lessons of nature

hurry does not
win the contest

your heart
does not beat
to the demands of this world

an opportunity missed
may not have been yours
to take

a deadline passed
may bring its own message

in all that you do
and all that you
do not

you are whole
the light of the Divine

if nothing else
love this

and all that is meant to be
will be

What a beautiful way to look at time and how it passes. The line that instantly spoke and resonated with me was ” an opportunity missed
may not have been yours to take;  a deadline passed may bring its own message”

I can’t count the number of times, I have attempted to make time yield to my timelines, my demands, my schedule and it seems to do everything but that. It’s like trying to contain grains of sand or large bodies of water-a tiring and seemingly impossible task.

This year, while my deadlines may not change, my perspective on those deadlines will. I am allowing myself more space with my time and less constricting schedules that seem like I am sucking them dry.

I am also letting go of this notion that there is a perfect way to spend my time. Rather, I will put my attention into the minutes I have and trust that being present is more than enough.




Letting Loose: Cultivate14, Day 4

Cultivate14, Day 4 Prompt:

Our bodies are vast machines for storing: memories, toxins, dreams. What physical rhythms will you follow to loosen your scar tissue, heal old wounds, and stimulate the birth of new cells?

Sometimes we literally have to move our bodies for other things in our lives to move whether it be something physical, spiritual, or emotional. For me, walking outside and going up to the lake helps to loosen up and stimulate newness. Yesterday, it was especially cold when I snapped this picture.


It felt exhilarating to breathe in the cool air and hear the sound of waves sloshing up against the icy shore. I walked up and down the beach feeling my heartbeat rise and my cheeks warm up. Nature is such a wonderful teacher. I also feel this way when I let loose and dance. It feels like I am waking up parts of my creative self that have been wanting to be expressed.  The parts that are yearning to be noticed and given light. This year I plan on more walks by the lake, more unabashed dancing, and more exploration of how my body wants to move.

Here’s to letting go. Here’s to letting loose. Here’s to letting in the new. 



Last Year: Cultivate 2014, Day 1

I love reflecting writing prompts and am participating in Cultivate 2014 this year hosted by Meredith Shadwill.

Here is the first prompt for Cultivate 2014:

What did you set out to accomplish last year? What did you do to cultivate your goals and your life? Did your intentions manifest last year?

Last year I set out to finish my fiction novel and get a book deal. Upon finishing the novel, I took a few months to really dive into what I wanted for my work and what was the heartfelt desire versus what I thought I should do or some logical timeline. I sent queries to a few agencies but didn’t dive into the submission process full force as I reflected on how I wanted this process of sharing my work on a larger platform to feel.

Even though that accomplishment of getting a book deal didn’t manifest, I do believe my underlying intention of wanting to express myself creatively through writing a book shined through.

And that is what I am coming to realize that though my goals may be very specific and quantifiable, the root of it is an intention. An intention which can and will manifest in an infinite number of ways if I simply allow it.  Though I am still working on getting that novel published, I have self published my own eGuide in the meantime that is aligned with the same intention I had for myself last year. Intentions are like breaths of fresh air that I hope to breathe in more in 2014.