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Aligning for Self Care

Image: Isha Gaines via Createher Stock

Alignment. Defined as: “a position of agreement or alliance” 

The idea of alignment is important especially as it relates to practicing self care. This alignment is not focused on people and external circumstances, but on what is internal to us. As Lauryn Hill repeated to us in Doo Wop (That Thing): “How you gon’ win when you ain’t right within?” Getting right within is less about shame and guilt, and more about honoring our desires and living our lives from that space.

Aligning within ourselves is the most important alignment of all. Internal alignment can ultimately lead to more peaceful and joyful  living because it can guide us toward more of what we really want in our lives. And self care is all about peaceful and joyful living as a constant practice.

Alignment isn’t always comfortable, especially when you have grown accustomed to doing things that are not aligned with your truth. Aligning with your desires is a constant practice. It is a practice you can start right now. Where to begin? Here a few practices I have used in my own journey to alignment:

Acceptance: In order to align, you have had to fully accept your current state simply for what it is, untethered from shame, guilt, and any other feeling that makes you feel like you are not enough. I have been able to do this through forgiving myself and staying in constant gratitude for the present moment. Shifting my energy about my present state allows me to positively (rather than negatively) transition towards my goals. 

Feeling into my goals. I often have set goals that felt good in my head but not my body or heart. I am learning to constantly check in with my goals and desires to make sure that they feel good in my head, heart, and body. If they don’t , then I lovingly let them go or modify them.  Allow yourself time to figure out which goals feel right for you on all levels.

Micromovements: I first learned about micromovements from SARK as I battled with procrastinating on my goals. It is essentially a practice of taking a small step forward on your goals rather than trying to do big chunks, which alleviates pressure. I am learning that alignment comes with more ease in these small steps and moments. They really do add up and make a difference. Give yourself grace. Allow space to be gentle with alignment which will help you sustain and ultimately achieve your goals.

The process of aligning isn’t linear. It is ok if you find yourself leaning into some of these practices more than others at certain phases on your journey. Keep going.

Trust your process. Run your race. Live your best life.

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2 thoughts on “Aligning for Self Care”

  1. This is everything 2020 came to tell us. It Reminds me of the time my car kept veering. pulling. It is was wobbly and shaky, not a smooth ride at all. I had to hold on tight to the steering wheel and put a lot of strength into keeping it in the lane! I took it to the mechanic and he said “Your wheels need an alignment. It’s not the wheels that are off. It’s the system that connects the car to the wheels that is not in sync. This will wear the treads on your tires down super fast then you’ll start sliding and won’t be able to stop safely.” Yeah, I’ve been misaligned & even had a time when my body stopped me…unsafely. This blog is major. Thank you

  2. Thank you for this thought. I will try to keep it in mind in working on the alignment of my life’s activities.

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