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Create From Your Heart.

Earlier this month, author Terry McMillian, posted this:


Untitled design


Simple, yet powerful wisdom that is a reminder to us all. We must make room for our creativity to roam free as we create tangible things.  Writing can be replaced with whatever word makes sense for your work (brainstorm, dance, develop; etc).

Creativity needs room to flourish, especially when ideas are first taking root. This kind of brainstorming and imagination cannot be limited and does not appreciate the revision energy. Oftentimes, we attempt to multi-task our creativity, simultaneously creating and editing. It is a frustrating dance that leaves us feeling stuck.

It doesn’t work so well because it is restricting. Limiting your creativity in this way means that some of your best ideas never see the light of day because they are not immediately palatable. You have to throw all the paint on the wall before you can figure out how to turn it into something clear.  That messy, unformed idea might be the spark of genius you need for the next step.

Remember this: You cannot edit what isn’t there. When you initially create, don’t worry yourself with who will be consuming your work. As you dream up something new or think about your next thing, stay in your heart for a little longer. Allow images to rise up. Let seemingly unconnected things find a way to each other.

Make that heart time a part of your process when you start creating new products, programs, and initiatives. Don’t be so quick to get to the editing phase that your actual idea doesn’t get a chance to fully shine first.

Honor the creative process. Unleash your creative flow. Create something brilliant.


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