Personal Development

Don’t Underestimate Yourself

K. Cole consulting tip

The elections were (and continue) to be whirlwind, right? They teach us something very important: Don’t underestimate the power of a single vote.

In the same vein, I hope you remember not to underestimate yourself or the steps you are taking to create the life you really want. Don’t underestimate your efforts. Or your courage. Or your brilliance. It all matters. Each and every step. The email you send might be the game changer. The next step might be the one that changes it all. The next act might be just the push you need to gain momentum. Knowing that, don’t concede on your dreams.

Keep going. Keep fighting. Keep acting. Keep shining.


P.S.  Many of you have asked me about my consulting journey and how you can do the same thing. As promised, I created an on-demand webinar + worksheet so that you can “Discover your money making consulting skills.” Get your free access now! 

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