Personal Development

The Best Year Yet

As the year comes to a close, it’s easy to feel like you didn’t do enough. You start thinking about the resolutions you didn’t fulfill. Or compare yourself to other people who seem to be winning at life. This cycle is less than inspiring and ends up making you feel pretty crappy. You resolve to do better for the new year but are still left feeling inadequate.

What if we got to the end of the year and fully accepted what happened? Made peace with the victories, failures, detours, surprises, and hiccups? Rather than focus on what didn’t happen, what if we just noticed and celebrated what actually did happen?

There is power in being right here with everything that has transpired in 2017. There are moments of joy, brilliance, and love that you may have overlooked. Where were the sweet moments in your life? You know the ones that were not always captured on Instagram or highlighted in your FB timeline. The ones that can easily slip your mind when you try to think of the bigger and better parts of your year.

For me, it was lots of giggling and dancing with my daughter. We spent large amounts of time dancing to music (her favorite genre is Reggaeton) and  laughing.  There were other sweet moments, too. Having tea at my local coffee shop. Staying up all night talking to my husband about random things. Taking walks outside. Being with my friends and enjoying new experiences together.

Instead of “throwing away” the year to gear up for the next, think about what wonderfulness you can carry over into 2018. What can you build upon? What did you courageously start in 2017, that you can now bring to completion in 2018?

Most of all: What everyday extraordinary happened in your life this year? How will you notice more of the everyday extraordinary in the year to come?

Reflect. Celebrate. Keep going.



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