Vulnerability and Writing

There Will Be Days Like This

My daughter is 2.5 months old and I am totally in love. Even with all that love, there are days that I wish had do overs. Yesterday was one of them. Inara was super fussy as babies can be at this age. Diaper was dry; belly was full; temperature was fine. She just was having a hard time going to sleep. Then I was changing her diaper, and she got me. Which is code for she pooped on me. Then she went back to being fussy.  You don’t need to have a baby to have these kind of days, so here are some ways to get through those days when they do happen.

  1. Don’t feel guilty. Yes, in the grand scheme of things my day wasn’t that bad. I have food, shelter, clothing, health, etc. That still doesn’t negate feeling like crap. Don’t shame yourself or let someone else shame you for having a not so great day.
  2. Cry. My husband came home and I laid in the bed crying for about fifteen minutes. Just let myself have a breakdown. Allowing myself to feel it actually helped me get over it.
  3. Get some rest. Let go of any expectations you had for the day. Don’t try to get a few things done on your to do list before you go to bed. Get some rest and get back in the game tomorrow.
  4. Eat some comfort food. Splurge a little bit and eat some yummy food. My food of choice last night..chocolate donuts.
  5. Remind yourself that this too shall pass. These days are few and for between for me, so this is my mantra. This will pass. Don’t forget that especially when you are in the low peaks and valleys of a horrible day.

Here’s to good days and not-so-good days.


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