Personal Development

30 by 31: Setting Goals and Letting Go

This first lesson is one I daily learn: Remembering to set intentional goals while surrendering to life’s flow.  I have lofty ambitions, dreams, visions. I like to set things in motion and take action quickly. Sometimes, though, those visions were too narrow. Too confining. The goals and processes to make it happen were so  specific that it didn’t allow space for creativity, spontaneity, and freedom. I learn to hover between a place of specificity and vagueness. Control and surrender. Gripping and release. A place where I expect the unexpected and more than I could even imagine.

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I am learning that how I want to feel and the deep desires that want to be filled are far more important to define than extremely clear milestones. That actually getting to that place is far more important than what the journey looks like.

Most importantly, I have embraced that fact that my way of doing things will be tempered with the way life flows, which isn’t always congruent to how I think things are supposed to go. And that is perfectly fine.

30 by 31 Lesson #1: Take clear steps while allowing for space. Let the path towards your desires be filled with wonder and magic as you allow Divine providence to intervene.

I turn 31 next month, and want to reflect on my first year as a thirtysomething. Follow my journey here as I post each day with another 30 by 31 lesson.

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