30 by 31

30 Before 31: An Introduction

In about one month, I will be turning 31. It has been quite the transition into my thirties, a decade that I will totally define for myself as an adult. The first twenty years of my life were spent being raised by my parents. Then, in my twenties, I wanted to test out my wings and began to define my life as an adult. It has felt like a slippery slope as I build a foundation.  The year of the 30’s is the decade I really make things happen. A decade where I am the captain of my own (r)evolution.


This past year has been one of a lot of self work, growth, challenges, and triumphs. I want to share that with you because we are all in this thing called life together. Before I turn 31, I want to reflect on what I have learned in my first year of being 30.

No matter your age, I hope that you will come along on the ride with me.  Each day (Mon-Saturday), I will post a lesson, tidbit, and wisdom that has helped to guide me to this place.

May we all grow year after year into that which feeds our soul’s ultimate expression.



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