Everyday Extraordinary

Everyday Extraordinary: Guest Post by Risha Abston

Today’s guest post comes from Risha Abston. I put out a call for people to share their Everyday Extraordinary moments and she was the first brave soul to share! 

I’ve been swimming pretty regularly since the beginning of this year. It’s an activity that I enjoy immensely because it quiets my busy mind for a while. I’m amazed at the clarity and revelation that comes when your mind is focused on one activity. While I swim my concentration is centered on the one activity of breathing in and breathing out-basically not dying So here, I’m sharing ten lessons from the pool-not surprisingly they apply to life outside the water too.


1. You can’t take in your next breath until you release the one you’re holding. If you need more release what you have.

2. Push off before you’re ready- it builds you.

3. Sometimes it’s good to keep count of your laps. Sometimes it’s good to go until you
can’t go anymore. Don’t get caught up in a number.


5. It’s okay to slow your pace. You’re not in competition with anyone. Don’t kill yourself being in a hurry.

6. I was feeling sluggish in the water. I realized my kick was getting lazy. There is always room to improve. Look for areas to tighten up your form for improved results.

7. Fear is a MONSTER!! Irrational fears-wow the bottom of this pool is a long way; you’re going down; are the lifeguards paying attention– can pop out of nowhere and knock you off your rhythm. Fear is designed to stop you and is useful to protect you from imminent danger. In the moment remind yourself that you are ok.  Then keep going. Master the monster!

8. When you reach the wall, consider it a place to redirect yourself, not necessarily to stop.

9. When the water is choppy, go deep beneath the waves. The chaos is usually closest to the surface.

10. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. It comes naturally. You have all the grace in the world!

Risha Abston is CEO and Founder of Manna Confections. Learn more about her yummy treats at : http://www.mannaconfections.com/

Want to share your #EverydayExtraordinary story? Send me an email to vulnerabilityissexy@gmail.com !


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