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In the Flow


I love to watch young children listen to music. Cue an upbeat song and their bodies will start moving automatically. Giggling may ensue as they bust a  sometimes awkward looking move, totally unaware of trying to “get it right.” Whatever move they do is right because they are unashamed and enjoying themselves.

I believe we can allow life to move us like that and get swept up in the goodness of living fully each day. Finding times when we are not concerned with perfection, only tuning in to our natural rhythm. It’s a place where we don’t hold ourselves back. Where we find the flow.

It reminds me of a singing reality show I was watching a few months back. A popular songwriter was coaching one of the contestants in a writing session. The band started playing and she instructed the singer to relax and sing what the music made him feel. He closed his eyes and started singing beautifully and humming along with the band.

A few seconds later, he opened his eyes and started to get hesitant. Then he tried to go back and correct himself becoming concerned with singing the right thing. The coach stopped him immediately and said that he was getting in his own way. She said (I am doing some paraphrasing),” That’s your problem. The song was writing itself and then you decided you needed to be a lyricist. The song didn’t need you to write it, it just needed you to sing it.”

That scene stuck with me. I totally felt what she was saying. We have to live in the flow, rather than meticulously control the flow. Worry ourselves less with how it’s “supposed” to appear.  Get caught up in being that natural masterpieces what we all are. And find the pure joy that comes along the way with that deep knowing.

Be the flow. Live in joy. Embody love. 



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4 thoughts on “In the Flow”

  1. Excellent blog! ‘The song didn’t need you to write it, it just needed you to sing it.’ Wow, if we really allowed life to be lived through us I wonder what we’d do differently? Nutritional food for thought, thank you.

  2. Love this blog, we allow ourselves to get in our own way far to easily, sometimes we have to step back and realise that stuff happens for a reason that we may not yet know about, some of my biggest and best decisions have been made because it felt right, even though everytime the head was saying otherwise

  3. Couldn’t agree more with living in the flow, however at times it can be so hard to do it. Being a musician and singer myself, I understand how easy it is to get lost in it all but then remember people are staring at you and the need to pull back enters my thoughts! It’s always a juggling act!

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