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4 Ways to Get Your Best Work Done

Small steps. Bit by bit. This is the only way to get stuff done. We know this, but we still don’t move towards our goals. We won’t take those small bites and here are a few reasons why:

1. Fear. Fear is so predictable. It scares us into doing anything even taking a small step. We are scared to be great, scared to fail, and everything in between.

2. Not enough-ness. It’s the thinking that our small steps aren’t going to add up. That our small steps and actions won’t be enough

3. It’s a lot of work.  It can feel painstaking to take a million small steps. We rather wait to try to take a leap rather than take minute step by step. But the thing is, you wait for the big leap and it never happens

4. Impatience. Sometimes its hard to stay patient. It feels like it is taking forever and it’s easy to lose sight of the big goal in the midst of all of the small steps.

The great news is that you can get over this hump by simply refocusing your perspective on taking actions. 

First things first! Change your view of small steps. Ask a parent how important their child’s first step is. Ask a 100m runner,who finished 1/100th of a second before someone else, why small steps matter. Feel into the power of each and every step. While you are walking, notice that all those steps add up to get you to your destination.

Surround your goals with good feelings. Rather than feeling overwhelm and fear about not achieving your goal, change the narrative.  How would it feel to accomplish your goal or say you did ____? Allow yourself to feel all the good feelings.  Feel that when you take a step.

Get off that comparison train! Your steps are your steps. No need to compare them to someone else Just like you wouldn’t try to wear someone else shoes. Our steps come in different shapes and sizes.

Celebrate each step. This is one of the most important steps especially at the beginning. Celebrate each and every small step. The more you celebrate the more you are motivated to take another.

Take those steps now. Make it happen. Do your thing. 

* * * * * * * *

If one of your goals is to write more, then get your Free EGuide  “Jumpstart Your Writing Practice in 3 days.” Take this small step and then take some more that are outlined in this Free Eguide! It’s time to Show up!

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