Personal Development

Silence the Static

There is so much static in the world . Noise coming at us from all angles: In the cities we live in, the places we reside; phones and computers that flash and beep. The internet can feel cluttered. All of this can make navigating life feel very, very confusing because there is so much information to process.

Sometimes you need to take a breath and turn all of the noise off to find clarity.

Underneath the confusion and static is a deep canyon.  A place where we can hear the echo of own breathing.  In this place, I am moved to stillness and silence. It is here where I realize that I don’t have to figure out anything or figure out the next step. I know undoubtedly that I am a complete and whole in each moment. In this space the wisdom I need is easily accessible.

In this space, there is a softening. When the softening happens, exhale and let it in. Unravel and let it be a beautiful dance of healing and renewal. As we let go, we find more of that which we really are.

May we embrace quiet so that we can hear that which is always calling us to our highest good.

Quiet the noise. Embrace stillness. Feel peace.





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