Personal Development

Space Beyond the Crowd

Last week, I boarded a plane to NYC on Southwest Airlines, where you get to pick your own seat. Everyone was attempting to squish into the first twelve rows, including myself.

The flight attendant looked around and said, “Folks, there are entire rows available in the back.”

I hesitated at first, then got up and went to the back of the aircraft since I was in no rush to get off the plane first. Lo and behold, there was lots and lots of space, rows and rows of empty seats. I ended up having an entire row to myself, giving me the luxury of spreading out so that I could write and really enjoy the ride over the friendly skies.

This got me wondering: How much spaciousness is beyond the crowded places of our lives? 

What is beyond our cluttered thoughts? What space is beyond our hectic schedules? What peace is just beyond the chaos? Where do we overlook this spaciousness in the name of being busy? Can we allow ourselves to explore these spacious places in everyday life?

When we go past what we think we know, we find abundance, peace, and ultimately the space that we crave to be ourselves. The room that we need to roam and explore. An atmosphere that is clear and free.

And you know what? That spaciousness is available all of the time even in the most seemingly cramped places of our lives. I used to prescribe to the thought that once my schedule cleared, my inbox was organized, my house was clean, I had said all my positive affirmations,  my obligations were met, then and only then at that place is where I would find expansive space to just be.

But guess what? We never get to that “perfect” space because that perfect space exists all of the time if we allow ourselves to feel it. Life force is humming through us every single minute asking us to simply notice. Pulsing in us to be aware of all of the freedom that is available to us at every single moment. To feel the space and abundance that is swirling around us infinitely.

May we learn to wade beyond the shallow shores of the busyness of life and gently move towards the deep calm oasis where we effortlessly and brilliantly embody simply being.

Less Trying. More Being. Live Freely.



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