Personal Development

It’s Not Your Job

Yesterday, while on a plane, I was thinking about some current things in my life and posted the following to my Facebook:

“It’s not your job, my dear friend, to mitigate other people’s discomfort at the expense of expressing your beautiful soulful evolution. Shine bright because in reality we have no control over how we will be interpreted or perceived. Live your life. Relinquish control. Let life flow. Beautiful Tuesday to you and your dreams.”

We can always do what we want and on some level we know this to be true. Its not the actually doing that can be so hard, it is the reaction to the doing that can be downright painful because that part is totally out of our control. And in the name of maintaining “so called” control, we do nothing.

Here is what I know for sure: We can’t control, manipulate or predict the feelings and reactions of another person when I do anything. What will your boss think if you resign?  What will my family think if I reveal this? What will my friends think if I follow this dream?

No one knows and its not your duty to try and figure that out.

We can’t control situations by doing nothing. The thinking is if I don’t do it, then no one is made uncomfortable. But honestly, who are you to say that someone shouldn’t have discomfort? Discomfort has propelled me to some of my greatest moments in life.

Since you can’t control these things, amazing, shiny one, then Do what you are yearning to do and Bless whatever reactions may follow (and those reactions in many cases are far worse than our brains imagine.). Remind yourself that whatever reaction comes your way is worth it because you are happy in your skin.

Live your Wild Life. Make the Choice. Be Happy.



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