Personal Development

30 by 30: Boundaries

Boundaries are on my mind this morning. My learning of them. How we learn or unlearn to set boundaries with folks who incessantly make us feel drained or step over boundaries all too much. Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way calls them crazymakers. Oh, the crazymakers.

One of the great lessons I am learning as I head to the wonderful thirties is that there will always be crazymakers in my life. Hell, sometimes I am a crazy maker to my own life.

Boundaries are necessary to my living a fulfilled life. I repeat boundaries are necessary to my living a fulfilled life.

Boundaries, protect us from things that may harm us. Boundaries come in all shapes, sizes, forms materials, etc. Having boundaries does not mean that I am defensive. It doesn’t mean that I am not open to receiving. I used to see boundaries like that, a defensive, impentrable moat. And I had them, but it was preventing me from really living because they were rooted and grounded in fear.

Healthy boundaries let what needs to come in and keeps away what will prevent us from doing our life’s most precious work.

Boundaries protect the gifts that we are here to give to the world.

Set boundaries. Do the work. Experience freedom.







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