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Dreaming Sisters Preview: Prologue

Dreaming Sisters is my journey into fiction writing that was conceived last year during NanoWriMo. It is a story of how the lives of 6 women becoming woven together unexpectedly during the World War 2 Era and beyond. It is a story of trial & triumph, sisterhood, and ultimately the  collective humanity that weaves us all.

I am excited to share some excerpts with you here on my site. Enjoy!


Philadelphia, 1947

Ruby stood at the kitchen counter in front of the huge bay window carefully cutting tomatoes, while her rambunctious five year old son William III played with his toy cars outside at the bottom of the porch. She looked up when she heard a car pull into the driveway. It was a black Ford that she didn’t recognize and she didn’t recall her husband expecting any visitors.

Ruby nearly fainted when she saw her father Henry get out of the car. She had not seen him in years, having been estranged from him since she had become pregnant with William. Ruby watched him walk towards her son and her body froze. She barely managed to motion to her husband, who was sitting at the kitchen table working, to come to the window.

“William get over here,” she whispered frantically as she leaned closer to the window.

Henry squatted down in front of William.

 “Are you William?”  Henry asked quietly.

“Yea. Wanna play?” William said nonchalantly as he handed one of his cars to Henry.

Henry nodded and started moving the cars on the ground with William.

“I’ve seen you before,” WIlliam said as he moved the car around in circles. “ Now take your car and put it next to mine. You have to try to beat me around the circle.”

“Where have you seen me?” Henry replied, placing the yellow toy car next to the red car, moving it around in circles.

“Mama has a picture of you on the fireplace. She said you would come and visit me  once you finished your big adventure. She says you are my grandpa.”

Henry’s eyes lit up. “Yea I’m your grandpa. I hope to be seeing you a lot more now that I am back from my adventure.”

Ruby wiped the tears that had started to roll down her face. She had promised not to say anything negative about her father in front of her son, settling for the adventure story. She had never thought how long she would have to keep that story going, bu that did not  matter in this moment.

Ruby walked outside towards her father. She had been feeling overly emotional lately, chalking it up to her pregnancy. Maybe that is why she immediately gave her father a hug and started crying, thinking nothing of all the years they had been estranged from each other.

“ Don’t cry Mama, “ William said pulling at her dress.

Her father embraced her tightly, began gently rubbing her back and saying softly, “ I’m sorry Ruby, so sorry.”

I will be sharing more excerpts from my book, so stay tuned tomorrow for a sneak peek of Chapter 1!


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