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Breaking the Ice

On Thursday morning, I woke up and felt an urge to go outside. I put on my coat , got my keys, and headed out my building which is only a block away from Lake Michigan. I made my way under the tunnel to the lake and walked closer to the rocks and sand.  The sun was shining bright and seagulls were perched out far on the lake, which was still frozen.

As I stood watching,  I heard a squeaking noise that seemed to be coming from the lake. I  moved in closer to see what was happening.  The squeaking I was hearing was the sound of   ice breaking and melting.  Apparently the lake wasn’t fully frozen. Currents of water were moving underneath the frozen layer. As the current moved, the ice began to break more and more. The sun was also shining bright and melting the ice at the same time.  I sat, listened, and watched this process for a few moments in silence wondering how this process  mirrored my own life.



I began to realize that the process of melting and movement is no different with our own souls and hearts. The pain of life, can make us hard and frozen,  but underneath that hurt layer is a current. That current is alive. It’s who we really are. That current is also full of warmth and light.

When we shine and stay in other peoples sunlight, we melt the ice around our hearts gently. As we take a step each day to show who we are and be happy, we start to break that layer of ice. In the same vein, when we start moving and shining we start helping to melt the ice that is around other people’s heart. Melting our own layer away, heals not only ourselves but  but also the hearts of those around us who have been trapped underneath a frozen layer that is not so hard to break as we may have previously thought.

Today I encourage you to find some warmth, take care of yourself and start to melt that protective frozen layer that may have developed over your heart, soul, dreams. Let your true current flow freely.

Happy Springtime.

Here is to renewal. Here is to melting. Here is to flowing freely.





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