Personal Development

Monday Motivation: Fan the Flames

Your dreams are brilliant. They get you excited. They give you chills. They give you energy.  Because they are that important.

Make sure that your energy, thoughts, and actions are not sucking the life out of your dreams. Fan the flames of your dreams, no matter what.

Make a choice to do away with rote to-do tasks and boring checklists when it comes to making progress on your dreams. Breathe life into each action that you take. Get excited no matter how small the step. What you want does want you. So, it’s important to believe and act from that place.

Your dreams aren’t a chore or a headache. Your dreams are more than steps to a destination. This is about purpose. This is about passion. This is about freedom. This is about truth.

Treat your dreams with the utmost respect and joy. Joy is far more powerful than we realize. Get in a community of people who cheer you on (if you are looking for one, join Dream Mapping Society)

Nurture your dreams. Develop your gifts. Honor your creativity. Act with love.

Are you a professional woman who desires to jumpstart your dreams and live life on your own terms? Learn more about my Dream Mapping coaching program

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