Personal Development

A Love Letter on Rising

Dear Friend,

It’s time.  It’s been time.  You were put on this earth to expand, not hold yourself back.  You know those things that you really, really, really want to do? It’s time to do them. In whatever capacity you can. In whatever way you can.

It’s time to make it happen. Your soul expressed is the greatest service you can render to the world. Let your heart be flooded with your desires. What feels barren and dry just needs to be watered. Your dreams are ripe, just waiting. How much longer do you have to wait to be great? To show up and show out?

Life is so much more than the status quo. More than the daily grind. More than the same old thing.

You are the much more. You are life. You are great. You are awesome. You are unlimited. You are like the sky- eternally radiant. You. Yes. You. 

Now. It’s Your Time. Go get it. Better yet, go be it.




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