Personal Development

Feeling the Heat

“Nothing splendid was ever created in cold blood. Heat is required to forge anything. Every great accomplishment is the story of a flaming heart.”-Arnold H. Glasglow

8 days ago, me and my husband packed up our car and trekked 1100 miles to relocate to Houston, Texas. It is a time of great change for us. It’s also a time of expansion and endless possibilities. Dipping into the unknown and embracing it fully.

We are also sweating a lot, too. Texas heat is a different kind of heat. Even though it has been cooler temps than normal for July, the sun is still scorching.  There is an unrelenting nature to it that demands to be felt. It permeates everything in its path, leaving me in a sweaty pool some days in the afternoon.

It has been quite the adjustment over the past few days,  I have started to find my own ways to stay cool not limited to high powered fans and strategic drinking of cold, icy drinks.

I am finally starting to make peace with the heat. The abundance of sunshine reminds me that there is more than enough all of the time. I am reminded that my dreams and passions can be overwhelmingly bright. When I dip into that light, it can be intense as I feel the warmth of my creative spirit. I am also experiencing the cleansing of physical, mental, and spiritual toxins from the heat.

There is nothing wrong with a little (or a lot) of sweat. Sometimes its just what we need to propel us to the next level in life. Its what we need to be free of the gunk that is clogging up our the pores of our fullest potential.  If it starts to get hot in the kitchen, don’t retreat to the cool right away. Take some breaths, let the warmth do its  work. Then of course, cool down before jumping right back in to life’s kitchen to create your next masterpiece.

Here’s to feeling the heat, diving in, and cooling off once the process is done.



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