Personal Development

Be With Me

I sat in the bed working on my laptop, while my husband laid on the floor in front of a fan, which he had nicknamed “the nap spot.” He turned over and asked me a simple question.

“Honey, can you be with me?” He looked me in my eyes and opened up his arms.

Usually, I would have delayed his request because I am busybody doing a million things, but gentleness and tenderness touched me. I got up and laid next to him, enveloped in his arms as we snuggled. I could feel his heart beating as his warm breath blew on my neck. It was sincere. simple. sweet. In that moment, I allowed myself to fully feel love.

This is so much like creativity. It beckons us and whispers, “Can you be with me?” Many times we push it away because we are too busy and distracted. Yet it continues to ask with open arms, “Can you be with me?”

When we finally answer yes, we are held, loved, and given life. From this place we create great works of art and love. In the middle of the creative process we are made whole, realizing the ease of it all.

Let’s keep it simple. Let’s keep it honest. Let’s keep it easy as we answer the call of our creative yearnings and desires.



*Excerpt from my book Everyday Experiences, Extraordinary Lessons

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