Personal Development

Changing Clothes

When I was teaching, students would start to out grow their clothes after Christmas break. Pants were shorter, and toes would start to tightly pack into the tops of shoes.  It seemed that the kiddos literally grew overnight.

And so it is with our own lives. When we begin to fully embody our most authentic selves, we gradually out grow our current “clothes”.  The change gradually becomes more noticeable until we must o fully transition into more spacious, better fitting “clothes”, whether those clothes be relationships, jobs, habits, or beliefs.

If you feel its time to change clothes and make a shift, let it be easy. You have waited for this moment and worked towards it, so make sure to celebrate. No need to be ashamed about those worn out things. Just step out and into that which serves your light.

Honoring what was, celebrating what is, and looking forward to what is yet to come. Grateful for the beautifully messy process that is growth.



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