Personal Development

This Moment.

The past few weeks, I have found myself doing some “undercover” worrying. You know the internal, “I am going to try my best to silently figure out what happens next” thinking. The smiling on the outside with thoughts of impatience that swirl on the inside.

I clearly know where I want to be so much that I can taste it, yet I find myself here. Here, in this place where I must stay grateful and trust that I am learning a meaningful lesson. Here where I take action after action, but manifestation seems slower than usual.

Maybe you find yourself here too. If you do then know that it’s ok to feel like this. It’s ok to feel your destiny so much that you start to detach from your current path.  It’s ok to feel impatient and wonder when.

Now what? Now that we accept its ok, then what?

This is where we have to lovingly redirect ourselves back to a beautiful mantra from Thich Nhat Hanh: Present Moment. Beautiful Moment. Present Moment. Beautiful Moment. 

When I am riding the bus, I repeat that in my mind as I breathe. When I wake up and worried thoughts start to pile up in my mind like  snow, I know I must remind myself that this moment is beautiful, even if I can’t understand it. I must feel the beauty even in the smallest things.

As we traverse this part of the journey, let’s remind ourselves that this impatient, unknown, mysterious, long moment is the most beautiful. That after this passes, we will look back at these string of moments which were the most defining..and the most beautiful.



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