Personal Development

Clearing & Rebuilding

A lot of renovation and rebuilding is happening in the neighborhood where I reside. We would hear about a new store deciding to open up a new location here, but things seemed to stall especially with one particular business. An old building had been cleared out so that it could be torn down, but for months the old building just sat there with no sign of construction in site.

Just a few weeks ago, I drove past the building and they were starting to tear it down. About a week later, the entire building had come down. In six to eight months, a new store will be built and opened. Then it will feel like it all happened so fast, rather than painstakingly slow.

And so it goes with our own lives. Once we do the arduous work of clearing old patterns, beliefs, and cycles, then we can build up something new. That new building could not be constructed until the old, dilapidated one was cleared and torn down. The clearing and cleaning out of our lives may take a bit longer than we thought. It make take a bit more leg work, but it’s worth it.

It’s an ongoing part of the journey that we want to avoid, but the part that is necessary to our growth and expression. Once we tear down those things that no longer serve us, its much quicker to rebuild lives that reflect our authentic selves.

Here’s to clearing. Here’s to growth. Here’s to newness. 



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