Personal Development

Owning the Magic

A 3 year old girl and her mother were special guests on a talk show after a video of them dancing together had gone viral.

The host asked the cute little girl, “Do you want to be a dancer when you grow up?”

She giggled, looked at the host, and said, “I’m already a dancer.”

The audience laughed and the  the talk show host said, “You are right you are already a dancer.”

What a refreshing view of life that came from this child.  At some point in our development, we start to embrace the “when I grow up” point of view. When I grow up, then I will be a this. We get asked this from other adults as kids, and we start to believe that we can only be something once we grow up.

The reality is that we are already embodying that which is calling us, we just need to notice and acknowledge.

In the girls eyes, she  was not just dancing, she was a dancer.  I am not just writing, I am a writer.

It is powerful shift to go from doing to being. There is magic in owning that which you really are.

Regardless of how much more training, schooling, or practice we may need, we can give ourselves permission to embody that which is beckoning to our souls constantly.

Here’s to embracing the ease that comes as a result of less doing and more being.




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