A Few Minutes at a Time

When you learn to be faithful over a little, you will be given much more to be faithful over goes the theme of a popular biblical parable. I have often heard this wisdom referred to money, yet I think it also refers to time.

When we want to move towards creating our dream life, we often don’t possess lot of time.  When I decided to begin writing again, I  had very little time. I’m a writer who also works a full time job. Throw in spending time with the hubby, eating, having a bit of down time , and it’s as if the minutes kept dwindling even more.

Rather than throw in the towel,  I decided to be faithful over what  I did have, which was 10 minutes in the morning. Surprisingly enough, after a week I was able to spend 15 minutes each morning. Just last week I was up to almost 60 minutes each morning working on my writing.

I believe that if I continue to do that, I will be spending my days as a full time writer in the near future. The thing is that I can’t wait for the perfect time for my ideal life to magically appear. I have to work up to it and be excited along this phase of the journey.

Start creating your ideal life now with the small pockets of time you have. Prepare yourself for the grand fruition of your greatest desires.  Manifesting your dreams and attracting the resources to make it happen will come full force when you start taking consistent steps.

Today, I share what was birthed during those small pockets of time: My first product of 2014!  It’s an eGuide called  Everyday Experiences, Extraordinary Lessons.  Its a 21 day journey of appreciating your  life and seeing how extraordinary it is, even when you don’t have a lot of time to notice. I share my own everyday experiences, including the lesson I learned from a really loud car alarm, the realization that happened in a parking garage, and how a messy apartment calmed me down.  It’s gentle, simple, and full of love.

Buy a copy, give it as a gift, and tell someone else about it.  Thank you so much for supporting my work!

Here’s to our dreams unfolding in 2014!




  1. Congratulations for the book!

    Really a wonderful post and you’ve got such amazing archive 🙂

    Your writing has a kind of beautiful honesty to it. Loved it.

    Great to connect with you.

    Would love a feedback from you on my blog 🙂

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