Personal Development

On the Rhythms of Life

For the past 2 months, life has been moving at a whirlwind pace for me. Many projects in the air, feeling like I am going in a million directions, and throw in Mercury going retrograde to liven it all up. 

And you know what? I have been flowing instead of fighting that chaos. I have accepted that my house will be a bit messy, the laundry will pile up, and returning phone calls will be delayed. It’s been all good. I have been getting projects done,editing my novel, and meeting lots of new people.

The thing about flowing in the busy times of life, is to know when it’s time to slow down the spinning tornado. Knowing when you need to pause to go within, to take a breath, and check in with your self. I felt this tugging a few days ago, and yesterday I acted on it.

I cleaned, scrubbed, and decluttered my messy apartment. I then turned on some music and I danced. I sat by the window in silence and wrote in my journal. I felt a calmness return back to me that I hadn’t felt in a while. I clarified some goals, and let go of some more psychic baggage I had been holding on to. I cooked a fresh meal and made homemade salsa. I spent time with the husband without checking my phone or email. It was like taking one big long extended breath.

As I approach my thirtieth birthday in 2014, I am becoming more in tune with my rhythm, with my internal compass and following that. I acknowledge that I dive into what I am working on rarely coming up for air at the beginning, but then I have to listen to that part that needs some relaxation, a break from the high speed of things. I will admit that I have pushed that voice away in the past and caused myself to burn out and suffer in the process. Now, it’s a bit different. My life is increasing speed again, but this time my mind is clear, my shoulders relaxed, and my soul is ready to joyously dance to the chaotic rhythm that life is bringing.

May you flow in the rhythm of life with ease and joy.



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