Personal Development

Love Letter: On Shining

Dear Love,

Stars sparkle and the sun emits rays without fail. The only thing they can do is shine. The only thing they can be is light. There is no thought involved because this is their only function. Their function and their purpose are one in the same. The light they give is what they are.

And the same is true of you. You shine. You sparkle. You soar. You triumph. Right now. All the time. Even when you don’t notice it. 

Your existence is based on this one premise: You are love. That is your foundation. That is who you are. That is what is real. That is what is true.

So stop over thinking this thing.  No need to hold back what you are anymore. You were given so much in order to fill the spaces of this world with truth. Get back to running your race with total joy.

Pursuing dreams and manifesting desires is more than just hitting a goal, getting something done, or being accomplished.

It is about truly existing in the world in the way you were born to be.  Unashamed. Unabashed. Unapologetic. Everyday.( Even on Mondays. )

Love you!


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