Unleash Your Creativity Challenge



Do you have a project or goal that you really want to start (or restart)?

Do you feel like you lack the motivation to do things that you love?

Do you desire to bust out of our rut and finally do the one thing that you keep saying you want to do?

Then, the Unleash your Creativity Challenge is for you! 

I created this FREE 5 day challenge to help jumpstart your creativity so that you can take inspired action on that goal that you really want to make progress on now.

Why creativity? Creativity is a force that is inside of everyone single one of us. Creativity isn’t just for famous people or writers or artists. Creativity is available to you. Right now.

Creativity allows you to find solutions to problems. It helps you take inspired action that actually gets results in your life. I know this to be true. I have used my creativity to change my career from teaching to consulting wherever I want.    Me and my husband used our creativity to travel more and keep our expenses low at the same time.  Creativity helps you connect the dots and find surprising ways to get what you want. It allows you to ask better questions and get better answers. 

This challenge will show you simple ways to cultivate your creativity and give you help you get moving towards the life you really want. For 5 days you will get creativity challenges to give you fuel for the action that you will undoubtedly take!

Ready to join in the fun? 

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Here is what people are saying about the Unleash Your Creativity Challenge! 

“I want to first say thank you for this challenge! This entire week each day has given me a push I needed.”- Tamyra A.

“I’m just starting the challenge and love it already. I always said I’m not a creative person because I associated creativity with the arts. But I see I am creative.  The thing the stuck out to me was creativity is about the process more than the result. This is something for me to chew on cuz I’m always thinking about the result but I am committing to start enjoying the process. “- Tameeka A.